パッチアップデート Release 12: Build 182-190


Build Number 190
•Errant reference to corpse wax in Enmar's dialogue corrected
•Fixed invisible trees in North Ravenswood
•Corrected green hue on Timber Wolves
•Fixed issue with bad connection between cave and forest scenes
•Fixed glazed over eyes in some NPCs (we missed a few the first couple of times)
•Fixed a lot that wasn't quite level in player villages (Holtrot, Valemark, etc.)
•Crafting a basic chair will add to your crafting journal as well.
•Braemar guard no longer forces a conversation on new arrivals
•Applied correct icon to bow string recipes
•Recipe "Wooden Board" changed to "Maple Board"
•“Hard Leather” recipe now gives “Hard Leather” instead of “Leather Straps”
•Basement light limit doubled
•Wealthy female merchant NPC is no longer a frightening disembodied head
•Items from basement no longer show up on main plot
•Founders Cloth Boots no longer displays wrong skin color
•Spinning Attack and Whirling Blades now Point Blank AoE around caster (was formerly a ranged AoE)
•Loot from creatures (bears, spiders, wolves, etc) now only available after field dressing
•Interior and exterior property item limits no longer reversed
•Reduced attack speed and damage bonus on crafted weapons and armors
•Crafted Items are now able to be dragged from the crafting window to another container

・Enmarとの会話での、corpse waxのワード返答を修正。
・North Ravenswoodで樹木が見えなくなっていた問題は修正されました。
・Timber Wolvesのカラーが正しく描画されるようになりました。
・クラフトブックの一部のレシピデータのMaple BoardうぃWooden Boardとして表記していた問題を修正。
・“Hard Leather"のレシピでLeather Strapsがクラフトされてしまっていた問題を修正。
・Founders Cloth Boots装備時にスキンカラーがおかしくなっていた問題を修正。
・Spinning Attack and Whirling Bladesはキャスターの周囲の至近距離にも有効になりました。
・一部のクリーチャー(bears, spiders, wolves, etc)からのルートは解体が必要になりました。

Build Number 188
•Fixed wall and ceiling collision issues in 5 story town basement so camera won’t sort through the walls/ceiling
•Fix for creatures sometimes not respawning after zoning.
•Fixed it so that you can’t mess up the login process by playing the intro after hitting “enter game”
•Made it always day when you start in Solace Bridge.
•Increased amount that repair kits increase durability from 10 to 50
•Turkeys are no longer mute (really this time). Enjoy their sweet songs as they waft over you. As you continue to listen your mind begins to shift. Perhaps you should be wearing feathers, not armor…
•Fix for chat bubble hiding behind player nameplate after coming back from death
•Islands no longer have 2 music tracks playing at once
•Removed guild name from player/party/target status UI
•Gave looting and skinning more reliable recovery mechanisms in case the player gets stuck.
•Fixed duplicate keybinding issues
•Females now have wide variety of skin tones
•Fixed material lighting issues that would appear after returning from death
•Fixed crash when using Light Armor Sprint skill
•Fixed supple leather recipe

Known Issues:
•North Ravenswood all trees, grass, and flowers are invisible
•Some NPCs are still missing eyes
•Wireless device can stop working over time
•Timber Wolves are green

・5 story town basementのカベと天井の当たり判定を修正。カメラがカベを突き抜けることはなくなるでしょう。
・イントロムービー鑑賞後にENTER GAMEすることができなかった問題を修正。
・Solace Bridgeでゲームを始めたときに、常に昼の時間帯になるように変更。
・supple leatherのレシピを修正。

・North Ravenswoodの木や草や花が見えなくなってしまう問題。
・Timber Wolvesが緑色に表示されてしまっている問題。

Build Number 187
•URGENT: You must logout and patch up or you will not be able to see local chat.
•Fixed duplicate IDs for NPCSpawners that should stop the out of control creature spawning
•Camera zoom in/out fixed when you go into the Overworld
•“Saddle and Bags with Stand” decoration no longer causes performance issues when moved
•Other players show properly as “wisps” when player is dead
•Switched the vendor in Owl’s Nest to FriendlyToAll so he is no longer mimic/wolf chow
•Spawning fixes in North Ravenswood
•Norman (quest NPC) is also FriendlyToAll in Owl’s Nest and less likely to be eaten by hungry wolves
•Fixed over scaled table in Kingsport
•Ghosts now OOOoOOooo at location of character’s ghost (was at location of corpse)
•Fixed Iron Wire so it no longer uses copper
•Incorrect icons for Riding Clothes corrected
•Reduced random encounter chance from 20% to 5%
•Ladders in the catacombs under the Owls Head sewers can be used in both directions
•Fixed various eye materials again for commoner and servant NPCs so they no longer have empty souless eyes that gaze at you like a shark, waiting to kill you. We really mean it this time. We swear its fixed. No really.
•Fixed popping in some animations
•Fix for West Ravenswood where players were able to get outside rock boundary
•Crafted containers no longer stack which will both make them work and fix the issue that made it so you could no longer craft anything after you made one of these
•Make bucket not stackable
•Fixed random neck vert that was morphing with male nostrils in customization
•Character UI lighting update
•When clicking a keyword, the chat input no longer loses its focus
•Fixed where the player exits to the Overworld from Ravensend and Westhollow
•Kingsport smugglers now correctly lie about their job
•Replacing Empty Lot with Empty Lot no longer creates object errors
•Fixed the blue wolf again. Really. For real this time. We mean it.

Known Issues:
•Female Skin tones are still broken

・“Saddle and Bags with Stand”のデコアイテムを移動時に、描画パフォーマンスが低下していた問題を修正。
・North Ravenswoodのシーンを修正。
・Owl's Nestの商人NPCが敵対しないように修正。
・NormanがOwl's Nest内のオオカミにやられてしまわないように修正。
・Iron Wire作成時にCopperを消費していた問題を修正・
・Riding Clothに違うアイテムアイコンが設定されていた問題を修正。
・West Ravenswoodで岩の境界線を乗り越えることができていた問題を修正。
・Empty Lot状態のときにハウスモデル選択でEmpty Lotを選ぶと、オブジェクトエラーメッセージが表示されていた問題を修正。


Build Number 184
•Fixed issue with new containers (cabinets, baskets, boxes, etc.) being placed in houses not working
•Fixed Turkey Call so it no longer fizzles and no longer puts you in combat. Now go out and summon your turkey army!
•Dead bodies now highlight like all other interactive objects
•Fixed some cases causing over spawn of creatures on maps (but not a complete fix)
•Lie Down animation now hides your equipped items properly (sorry those of you who enjoyed self stomach stabbing)
•Fixing some recipe bugs where some recipes were calling for recipes as ingredients
•Did a pass to remove non functioning tools and make sure all crafting tools are in the game
•Fix elderberry bush collision
•Added Deep Ravenswood in game mini-map

Known Issues:
•Female Skin tones are broken
•Various maps have out of control creature spawning (Veiled Swamp, North Ravenswood, etc.)

・一部の新しいコンテナアイテム(cabinets, baskets, boxes, etc.)がハウス設置時にオープンできなかった問題を修正
・Deep Ravenswoodのミニマップを追加

•一部のマップでモンスタースポーンの設定に問題があります。(Veiled Swamp, North Ravenswood, etc.)

Build 183
•Lich skeleton minions no longer spawn after Lich is killed
•Fixed hue issue that made one of the color variation wolves appear blue
•Fixed black screen after final conversation with Edvard in tutorial
•Autoclosing added back to second Edvard conversation in tutorial, and delays on autoclosing doubled.
•Summoned creatures no longer go to point blank range.
•Fixed Crafting Pavilion deed misspelling
•Tweaked Ardoris camera bloom settings to work better with Ardoris sky which is very bright, with late afternoon light levels and colors during most times the day.
•Turkeys are no longer mute. Enjoy their sweet songs as they waft over you. As you continue to listen your mind begins to shift. Perhaps you should be wearing feathers, not armor…
•Update table prefab to work with recent changes to deco system
•Fixes to Braemar->Kingsport ale quest
•Duplicate journal entry fix for wolfpack leader outside of Braemar
•NPC’s should no longer have blank, pupil-less eyes. Rejoice for their souls have been restored.
•Fixes to Jarred/Owl’s Nest delivery quest
•Added Missing Tools to Crafting Merchants
•More Blackpond/Jarred delivery fixes.
•Improved profanity filter
•Camera no longer starts far away and then zooms in when entering a scene
•Minor typo fixes in conversations reported from forums
•Enabled left+right mouse button movement on Overworld
•Various animation, visual effects, and prop fixes to Solace Bridge and Ravensmoor
•Fix some decoration bugs with items that go red but do not turn back to green when they should.

・Jarred/Ownl's Nestのお使いクエストのバグを修正。
・アニメーションやビジュアルエフェクトの修正を行いました。また、Solace BridgeとRavensmoorのシーンのオブジェクトに変更を行いました。

•一部のマップでモンスタースポーンの設定に問題があります。(Veiled Swamp, North Ravenswood, etc.)

Build 182

•Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Pre-Alpha Release 12! Notes on what is in this release are available here.
•Casting the Light Spell should not prevent you from moving map to map or logging in anymore
•Added better error response when /zone fails (NOTE that /zone now is disabled if target player is in a private/party scene)
•Various fixes to exceptions to improve stability
•Increased connection timeouts for all secondary network connections. This should fix some folks who could not enter certain maps like Owl’s Head
•Removed **** and other not-so-bad words from profanity filter so more character names get through
•Removed occlusion data on The Brave Coast that was causing terrain to flicker in and out
•Deep Ravenswood now no longer empty of creatures and resources
•Player now starts with torch equipped (as it used to be)

・アニメーションやビジュアルエフェクトの修正を行いました。また、Solace BridgeとRavensmoorのシーンのオブジェクトに変更を行いました。

Known Issues:
•Female Skin tones are broken
•Deep Ravenswood empty of creatures

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